Case Studies

Frequent Equipment Breakdowns

A Russian customer who is engaged in aftermarket maintenance and replacement has been searching for durable dozer undercarriage parts that can meet different customers’ demands with a competitive price. They turned to us for help. In addition to providing Italy branded parts by sourcing from our network of trusted suppliers, we were able to offer them high-quality alternatives. Positive feedback from customers reported over 90% similarity in performance to top brand products, leading to significantly reduced downtime and increased productivity. This cemented our role as their go-to supplier for undercarriage parts.

Challenges in Sourcing Undercarriage Parts

Customer B, a Singaporean dealer in construction machine parts, faced in sourcing cost-effective dozer undercarriage parts for their diverse machine owner customers.
Our comprehensive product range offered a solution.We provided an assortment of parts, both in-house manufactured and supplier-sourced, tailored to their diverse needs.
This exclusive-source solution simplified and enhanced their business, and finally he keeps placing orders to us monthly.

High Wear-and-tear of Heavy-duty Machines

Customer C, an industry player in mineral extraction of Tanzania., was grappling with the high wear-and-tear of their heavy-duty machines. They needed durable dozer undercarriage parts that could withstand rigorous conditions. Leveraging our manufacturing capabilities and supplier network, we delivered high-quality, resilient components that met Customer C’s stringent requirements. The result was a significant reduction in maintenance costs and a 25% increase in equipment lifespan. Today, Customer C continues to rely on us for their undercarriage needs.

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