Adopt unique heat treatment with computer controlled process.

Ideal surface hardness with depth hardness of roller shell and shafts enable parts to be highly wear-resistant and crack-resistant.

Shell are hardened 8-10 mm depth to 52-56 HRC
Shafts are hardened over 4mm deep to 56-60 HRC

Adhere to the manufacturing process requirements of top factories in the industry, together with suitable and selective raw material for shell and shaft, other internal components.

To achieve perfect sealing and lubricant rotation of roller, we take careful assembly processes with the same internal components of OEM, like branded Mobil oil, high quality internal bronze bushings to prevent deformation effectively, floating seals and customized O-rings which are both resistant to high and low temperatures.

Special welding structure design.

The entire roller shell is welded by CO2 automatic welding with specially designed joints on both parts to make it more sturdy.

Precise machining by advanced vertical lathe and CNC machines provides the overall precision and stability of product dimensions.

100 % strict air pressure tightness test and rotation test ensure all the products with reliability.

Efficient quality control and management systems.

As enthusiastic champions of long-termism, we focus on personnel management and invididual improvement,
establish efficient quality control and management systems with the combinations of upgrading automatic manufacturing
to achieve continuous innovation and long-lasting quality assurance for dozer undercarriage parts.

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