QC Control

Material Quality Control

At SDR, we prioritize the quality of the materials used in manufacturing our undercarriage parts. We understand that the durability, performance, and lifespan of these parts are directly influenced by the suitable raw materials used. Therefore, we have implemented stringent material quality control protocols.



Manufacturing Process Quality Control

To Upload our high standards, we have implemented rigorous manufacturing process controls. This means that every step in the production of our undercarriage parts,from initial shaping and machining to heat treatment and final assembly, is monitored closely and systematically.

Compatibility Quality Control

A perfect fit and sealing function are vital for the optimal operation of your machinery, and we take this aspect of quality control very seriously. Our parts are designed based on precise OEM specifications to guarantee a perfect fit and hassle-free installation.

Durability Quality Control

Every undercarriage part undergoes strict testing to simulate real-world conditions and measure resistance to wear and tear. These tests ensure our parts meet and exceed industry durability standards, guaranteeing reliable performance over extended periods.

SDR Certifications

In SDR, quality is not optional, it is a standard for us.
All of our products meet , which ensures you can sell to your market with no obstacles.

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